Water shortages in urban areas essay

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Water shortage

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The Water Shortage in Australia First of all it is necessary to define what the term “water shortage” means. For some people, it means having to constantly traverse long distances just to reach a source of fresh water and to collect it. More than three-quarters of Jordan’s population lives in urban areas, and this number is rising due to factors such as population growth, the move to cities to search for employment, and the influx of refugees from other countries.

The population growth in urban areas meant that most city councils and municipalities are failing to cope with the water demand. The major reason is that the rate of population increase in urban areas is by far greater than that of improving or increasing the existing water supply.

The successful process of urban areas brings problems including shortage of housing,long journey from residence to work, migration of people from countryside to urban areas and traffic congestion.

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We cannot ignore them, otherwise they will be much worse in the future. Water shortage is a global problem by William 8H Water shortage is a problem worldwide - A combination of climate change and poor resource management is leading to water shortages in even the most developed countries.

Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand. It affects every continent and was listed in by the World Economic Forum as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade.


Water shortages in urban areas essay
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Water Shortages in Jordan