Promoting resilience among parents essay

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Protective Factors & Resiliency

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resilience and academic success, with some emphasis on arts programming. The Endowments has a growing interest in working closely with the Pittsburgh Public Schools to better serve students, especially African American students.

 RESILIENCE Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. (Yitzhak Berman) Children can move beyond trauma in their lives if they are resilient.


Children facing trauma within their families and communities can be overwhelmed. Promoting Resilience and Reducing Risk Among Refugee Youth in the US: The Role of Parents, Practitioners and Communities Presented by: Saida Abdi, LICSW, MSW, MA Saida Abdi, LICSW, MSW., MA., is a licensed clinical social worker and expert in refugee trauma and resilience.

The question we need to consider is how teachers and parents can make use of such values for increased resilience in Latino youths.

North American Indian First Nation Another quite different minority group in the USA is the North American Indian First Nation. Social workers should evaluate individuals' independence, comfort with their roles (caretaker, parent, role model, friend, etc.), and sense of purpose in life—important resiliency traits (Giordano, ).

By increasing resiliency in families and children, workers can help them to be more self-sufficient and empowered (for tips on promoting resilience, see "Intervention Points: Increasing Resiliency in Families and Children" and "Protective Traits").

Promoting resilience among parents essay
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