Legacy of bill gates essay

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Apr 23,  · Over the years this meticulously researched biography of Microsoft founder Bill Gates has become a bible of reference for. Tisquantum (/ t ɪ s ˈ k w ɒ n t ə m /; c. (±10 years?) – late November O.S.), more commonly known by the diminutive variant Squanto (/ ˈ s k w ɒ n t oʊ /), was a member of the Patuxet tribe best known for being an early liaison between the native populations in Southern New England and the Mayflower Pilgrims who made their settlement at the site of Squanto's former summer.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will most likely be another legacy for Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Contemporary Leader Essay

The foundation is only beginning making a dent in what it will potentially be for the future. With his Microsoft track record, the possibilities are endless with this foundation.

Bill Gates has spent a massive 26 billion dollars to charity. Bill Gates would consider picking up a dollar bill not worth the investment, as his over 80 billion fortune earns him a decent 6 per cent interest, which translates into a guarantee of slightly over dollars every single second in a minute.

Legacy of bill gates essay
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